We are

Your reliable technology partner
from Stuttgart

Experts in cloud, platforms and security, we are ready to rise to your challenges.

Our values

It isn't an accident that our approach produces results — our work is built on some powerful core principles.

Be proactive

Solving a problem when asked means solving it too late. We're always on the lookout for ways to improve your business.

Learn fast

Technology is a huge field, and nobody can know everything. Learning, then, is the most important thing - and it's at the core of our approach.

Earn trust

When questions or issues arise, we believe firmly that raising them directly and openly allows for more effective, more enjoyable collaboration.

Light up the day

Solving hard problems is fun! Our infectious enthusiasm makes it a joy to work together, no matter the subject matter.

Our impact

Our passionate approach can benefit your business in a range of ways.

Boost productivity

Get more done with less. Make the most of your team, your tech and your position in the market.

Optimise costs

From streamlining deployments to adopting more tailored tools, there are many ways to save money on your infrastructure.

Focus on what matters

Technology offers limitless possibilities - we can help you prioritise those that actually benefit your business.

Adapt faster

Stay ahead of your customers' ever-changing needs by delivering regularly, reliably and rapidly.

Our experience

Total years of cloud experience
Cloud providers

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Scaleway Hetzner Red Hat OpenShift OpenStack


Retail Automotive Gaming Energy Public sector Academic Insurance Consumer electronics


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