Cloud Security & Compliance

We protect your survival through security excellence

Security and developer productivity are not opposites: you can have them both! From idea to implementation to operation, we work with the entire DevOps lifecycle. You too can achieve true security by design.

Secure servers. Photo by Christina Wocintechchat on Unsplash

Your company has never faced more cyber risks

Average damage caused by cyber attacks
Attacks enabled by human error
277 days
to identify and remediate an attack (average)
companies with a data breach or failed cloud audit

Protect your business

We have a range of approaches which each provide meaningful protection for your business and data.

Agile methodologies: secure software architecture & development

Integrate agile processes with threat modelling to identify and mitigate risks early. We emphasise continuous security testing and DevSecOps practices, ensuring security is a foundational component throughout the software creation and deployment processes.

Zero Trust Identity & Access Management

Safeguard against leaked credentials and passwords, ensuring all user identities are verifiable before granting secure cloud access. We prevent unauthorized access by requiring continuous validation of every access request, shielding your data and systems from potential threats.

Secure Software Supply Chain

Our measures to strengthen your software supply chain are compliant with the Cyber Resilience Act. We implement a detailed Software Bill of Materials (SBoM), secure CI/CD practices, and provenance verification to guard against vulnerabilities and ensure robust cyber resilience throughout the development lifecycle.

Cloud Security

Implement robust guardrails and continuous monitoring across all cloud environments to prevent misconfiguration and ensure data integrity. Our proactive approach minimizes risks and optimises cloud operations, keeping your digital assets safe and compliant.

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