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Infrastructure. Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash

Why use the Cloud?

A Cloud-native approach to your infrastructure can have numerous powerful advantages over an on-premises or single-server approach.


Your infrastructure can grow to a size that matches your demand, even during peak times - and then scale down automatically when such intense workloads aren't necessary.


When your business changes, your infrastructure can too. When you grow to a new scale, or spin up a whole new business unit, you can meet demand with no need to overthink.

Cost control

Detailed billing allows you to track what you're using and pay for that alone, while making it possible to plan for further cost reductions using real-time data.

Security control

In an on-premises environment, it's very hard to stop an attacker once they've gained access to your resources. But with network micro-segmentation and granular policies, you can tailor, limit and track every access.

Availability is managed

In a datacentre, you must deal with any problem yourself: this is labour-intensive, slow and costly. Cloud-native solutions can redeploy automatically with minimal cost and downtime - and often without any manual user intervention.

Maintenance is managed

Tools like Kubernetes can take huge effort to upgrade, and even modifying individual servers and databases can be risky. Cloud tools can allow for seamless upgrades through rolling deployments or serverless approaches.

Challenges of the Cloud

Cloud computing can solve many problems, but nothing is perfect. There are a number of common difficulties and uncertainties we've seen regularly across companies.

Unsure where to start

It's one thing to be convinced of the benefits of the cloud, quite another to set up your first real system.

Cost growth

The Cloud offers cost control, but also many expensive features. These can grow rapidly if not paid attention to.

Combining tools

Your cloud systems must work with third-party resources and any locally-hosted tools. You may even wish to connect multiple cloud providers.

Clunky user experience

Your users — developers or customers — may be confused if too many tools are introduced together.

Keeping track

When it's easy to set up new resources, without clear structures it's also easy to forget what you have and what it's for.

Security and Compliance

Security is its own, critically important field.

Our Cloud solutions

Whatever your level of Cloud familiarity, we help you gain the benefits of the cloud while avoiding the pitfalls.

Cloud migration

So you have an on-premises or single-server system, and want to gain the full benefits of the cloud? We build a system that works for you, and make sure you have the information you need to use it effectively.

Cloud solution architecture

When designing a new system for your employees or clients, it's critical to build with the right goals in mind. We help you determine those goals, and meet them effectively.

Cloud cost savings

The complexity of the cloud makes it easy to pay for more than you need. We help you keep your costs under control and make savings where they make sense.

DevOps engineering

As your codebase grows, it becomes ever more critical and difficult that your software is deployed and runs without issues. We help you monitor your applications and infrastructure and keep them running optimally.

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Tap into our expert consulting services to navigate the complexities of IT infrastructure and strategy. We provide personalized guidance to optimize your technology investments, helping you align IT solutions with business objectives and drive growth.


Leverage our hands-on implementation services to deploy cutting-edge technology solutions effectively. Our team integrates new systems into your existing infrastructure seamlessly, minimizing disruption and maximizing performance.

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