Expensive, complex cloud infrastructure isn't actually safer

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Experts in cloud, platforms and security, we are ready to rise to your challenges.

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Based in Stuttgart, our agile approach allows us to fit your needs as a business.

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We've seen it all, with 15 years of cloud experience in businesses large and small, across a range of industries and countries.

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Technology is our passion. Our clients trust us because we care about building the right solution, not just fulfilling a contract.

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We have a wide range of skills and experience to help you with your infrastruture needs

Cloud Computing

Whether you are thinking of moving to the cloud, or want to optimise your existing resources, our expertise will make a difference.

Platform Engineering

Whether you're on a public or a private cloud, we can help with the design, development and operation of your infrastructure.

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are no secondary concern for us: they are part of the entire development cycle. This makes meeting NIS2 and Cyber Resilience Act requirements a breeze.

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Our partnerships allow us to offer you an even greater depth and range of possibilities.

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